BC Senior Public Speaking Competition

Dear Participants, Judges, Volunteers, and Coaches,

The DSABC is pleased to invite you to attend the BC Senior Public Speaking Competition to be held online.

Event Information:
Host Platform: Zoom Video Conferencing

Date: Saturday, November 27th 2021

The top students from this tournament will advance to the Canadian Senior National Public Speaking Competition, likely in February 2022.

Fees (Non-refundable):

  • Competitors: $10/per student

  • Payment can be made HERE

Payments must be made online by the stage 2 registration deadline. Any schools failing to make payment by this time will forfeit their position to the next participant on the waitlist.

Important Dates:

  • Stage 1 - Participant Number Requests - Open until Friday, November 5th

    • Request the number of students for your school

    • These numbers will be confirmed via email, after which any waitlist spots will be allocated

    • Schools may start by registering up to 6 students - with a waitlist available for additional participants

    • Registration HERE

  • Stage 2 - Names of Teams and Judges - Will open Wednesday, November 3rd

    • Open until the end of day on Friday, November 12th

    • DSABC membership must be renewed and 2020-21 dues paid in order to participate in stage 2 registration


Tournament Format:

Students in grades 10-12 are eligible to compete at this event.

Students compete in all 4 public speaking categories:

  • Debate

  • Impromptu Speaking

  • Persuasive Speaking

  • Interpretive Reading

See full description of categories here

All pieces presented at this event must not have been performed at any public speaking event prior to September 1st, 2021. 

Online Event Information:​

  • In order to maintain consistency with the format used at the national championship, the persuasive speaking and interpretive reading categories will be “asynchronous”, while the debating and impromptu speaking categories will be “synchronous”. 

  • Asynchronous categories will require that participants film their speeches and submit them by 11:59 pm on November 17th. These videos must be uploaded to a google drive and the link shared with the DSABC through a google form provided at stage 2 registration.

  • Judges will receive a pre-recorded briefing for the two asynchronous categories prior to the 19th.
    On the 19th, they will be sent links to the videos they will judge as well as an online ballot. They must then submit scores for the entries by 11:59pm on the 24th. Synchronous categories will take place live on zoom and all finals will be live.


  • The Zoom Meeting will be password protected for the security of all participants. Screen-sharing will be disabled at all times. Any individual found in the Zoom Meeting who is not registered as part of a school delegation or as an external observer will be removed from the meeting immediately and without warning

  • All participants (and judges) must have access to a computer with a working microphone and camera for the duration of the tournament. A full technical guide will be released after Stage 1 registration.


Judging Expectations:

  • Schools must provide one judge per two participants (rounded up) for the duration of the tournament. ​

  • Teams that do not supply a judge may be disqualified from the tournament

  • All judges must be available for both asynchronous judging between November 21st and 25th as well as for live events on November 27th.

    • Students may split this requirement between two judges if necessary where one judges synchronously and the other asynchronously.

  • High school students cannot be used as judges for this event.

  • Judges must be fluent in English and comfortable with following fast-paced speeches using moderate to
    high-level vocabulary.​

Chaperone Policy

  • All students are required to have a school-approved "chaperone" online at all times. The DSABC accepts no liability for any student left unsupervised at any DSABC-sponsored event, whether online or in-person.

  • A chaperone can be a coach, teacher sponsor or parent/guardian who is authorized by their child’s school and is willing to take on all chaperone related responsibilities.

  • Senior students are not considered chaperones. 

  • All adults acting as chaperones are expected to uphold the DSABC Code of Ethics.


Saturday, November 27th

8:45-9:15am                    Online Registration in Main Zoom Room

9:30-10:30am                  Briefings for Debate Category

10:00am                          Debate Motion & Draw Released

10:30-11:30am                 Debate Round 1

11:30am                          Debate Motion & Draw Released

12:00-1:00pm                 Debate Round 2

1:00-1:30pm                   Lunch Break

1:30-2:00pm                   Briefings for Impromptu Category

2:00-3:00pm                  Impromptu Round 1

3:00-4:00pm                  Impromptu Round 2

4:00-4:30pm                  Break

4:30pm                          Finalists Announced

4:30-6:00pm                  Finals Flight 1

6:00-6:30pm                  Dinner Break

6:30-8:00pm                  Finals Flight 2

8:15pm                           Awards

Tournament Contacts:

Anna Saint - DSABC Public Speaking Director: annasaint394@gmail.com