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BC Qualifiers

Dear Coaches and Competitors:
The DSABC is pleased to invite you to attend our annual 
BC Qualifiers Tournament. Three students from this competition will be chosen to represent our province at the Team Canada Tryouts in 2023. This tournament will be held online to ensure we have access to high-quality Worlds judging.

Event Information:
Host Platform: Zoom Videoconferencing

Date: February 17th-18th, 2023

Registration & Fees:
Please complete the form below to confirm your registration. If we do not receive confirmation from you by midnight on January 20th, 2023, we will approach the next alternate on the list. 

There will be NO FEE to attend this event, nor is there any judging requirement.

How to register:

Debate Format:
Students will compete in the World School Debating Championship (WSDC) Format. The twenty-four students competing will be judged by adjudicators with significant experience in WSDC format. Students will be randomly paired with different debaters in each round and everyone will debate in three out of four preliminary rounds. Twelve students will be selected to debate in the semi-finals. Six students will then compete in the final round. The top three will be invited to compete at the National Team Tryouts. 
While a workshop will be provided, we recommend that students familiarize themselves with the style prior to the tournament. For more information please visit: Topics will be impromptu and serious in nature. General knowledge will be expected.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.  


This schedule is subject to change depending on the availability of the WSDC judges.

Friday, February 17th, 2023
4:00- 4:30                             Debater Registration
4:30- 5:30                              Debater Briefing on WSDC Style
5:30- 6:00                             Dinner Break

6:00-7:00                              Judge Registration and Preparation for Round 1
7:00- 8:30                             Round 1 and Feedback

Saturday, February 18th, 2023
8:30- 9:00                            Debater and Judge Registration                         
9:00- 10:00                          Preparation for Round 2                                                 
10:00-11:30                           Round 2 and Feedback                                                  
11:30-12:00                           Lunch Break             

12:00- 1:00                           Preparation for Round 3                                                                                   
1:00- 2:30                             Round 3 and Feedback   



Students are now adjudicated on both speaker score and individual ranking in each room. Students who place in the top 12 of both ranking systems will automatically advance to the semi-finals. Students who place in the top 12 of only one ranking system, but not the other, will be discussed among the adjudicators and selected using a holistic assessment of both rankings and performance in each speaker position.


2:45- 3:00                            Semi-Finalists announced 
3:00- 4:00                           Preparation for Semi-Finals              
4:00- 5:00                           Semi-Finals 
5:00-5:30                             Dinner Break
5:30- 6:30                            Preparation for Finals
6:30- 7:30                            Finals
7:45- 8:00                           Advancing students announced 


Tournament Contacts:

Monitored by Anna Saint and Gabrielle Wong

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