Joining the DSABC

British Columbia is divided into eight competitive regions to focus development across the province.

Each region hosts a Regional Debating Championship to advance students to the Provincial Championship in March

To find out more about which region you belong to, visit our Meet The Team page.
Alternatively, if you live in the Lower Mainland, you can use the interactive map below.

In addition to completing the membership form, there is a $200 membership fee that must be paid annually by November 15th.

Registrations received after this date are subject to a $50 Late Fee 
The membership fee is reduced to $100 for new schools or schools with ≤4 members and carries no late penalty.


Covid-19 UPDATE:

There have been temporary changes to our membership fee structure to support schools during this unprecedented period of fiscal and administrative uncertainty:

  • Fees for large renewing clubs have been reduced from $200 to $100

  • Fees for new and small clubs have been  reduced from $100 to $50

  • Late fee of $50 will still be levied on membership renewals received after November 15th.

To register with the DSABC, at least 1 designated contact must have a school-sponsored email address
(e.g. "") who will be contacted to confirm your school's acceptance of the
DSABC Rules and Policies.