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About The DSABC

Our Mission

The Debate and Speech Association of British Columbia is an umbrella organization committed to promoting, hosting, and regulating debate and public speaking in schools throughout British Columbia.  


We are a non-profit, volunteer-led organization which works in association with the Canadian Student Debating Federation to engage BC students in public speaking and debating opportunities across BC, Canada, and Abroad.


Students interested in debate or public speaking are encouraged to join their school's debate team and register to participate in tournaments which can be found on our calendar. If your school does not have a team, the DSABC can provide resources to start one!


Every school in BC, public or private, has the right to join.

Membership allows schools to participate in DSABC sponsored tournaments. ​Participation allows students to qualify for provincial and ​national competitions. 

Memberships belong to schools, not to individuals, as defined by the BC Ministry of Education

-- Memberships must be renewed annually --

Private tutoring companies or after-school academies are not eligible to become members of the DSABC, but are encouraged to connect with schools and help debate grow!

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