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Financial Aid

Each year, the DSABC sets aside funds to support students attending eligible debate and speaking events both domestically and abroad. Students with financial hardship are encouraged to apply for bursaries if costs would otherwise preclude them from attending.

Before your application, please take note of the timelines and application guidelines below. 

How do DSABC bursaries work?
  • Bursaries may be used to subsidize registration fees, travel costs, or accommodation fees.

  • The DSABC reserves the right to determine the final amount that will be awarded to the student.

  • The bursary amount will be determined based on the cost of the event, student circumstances, and the funds available to the DSABC in the current fiscal year.


  • Bursaries operate on a reimbursement basis unless extenuating circumstances are deemed by the DSABC to apply.

    • Proof of purchase including the recipient's name clearly indicated must be available for all expenses claimed.

Am I eligible for a DSABC bursary?

Student Eligibility:

  • Students applying for bursaries must be from a member school.

  • The student must demonstrate financial need and a commitment to debate and speech.


Tournament Eligibility:

  • Students applying for funding should apply under one of the following categories:

Category A:  DSABC Sanctioned Tournaments

  • Funding under this category applies to students who have advanced to competitions from their Regional Qualifier.

    • E.g. Law Foundation Cup and other national competitions.

  • Students may also apply for bursaries for international competitions where they have either:

    • Qualified to attend; or

    • Are attending to represent Canada

      • This may be as a member of Team Canada or of the Development Team


Category B: Non-Sanctioned Tournaments

  • The DSABC recognizes that students may attend competitions at various levels of their own volition. As such, partial funding may be available for non-DSABC Events.

  • Students wishing to apply for a bursary under this category must:

    • Demonstrate how their participation in this competition will benefit their school club

    • Provide the name of a teacher sponsor and/or school coach to support this student’s application.

How do I request a DSABC bursary?

Request Letters should be submitted at least 14 days prior to the student’s participation in the competition and must be signed by the student’s guardian(s)/parent(s).

The DSABC will review letters submitted beyond this time frame in extenuating circumstances only.

The letter must include:

  • Student name, contact information, school name, and tournament name.
  • Amount of funding requested with a breakdown of anticipated expenses
  • A short summary of the student's performance in the previous competition(s) that advanced them to this tournament.
  • Students must also demonstrate financial need and a commitment to debate and speech.

Letters should be submitted to the DSABC Board via the following address:

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