Law Foundation Cup

(BC Debate Provincials)

Dear Participants, Judges, Volunteers, and Coaches,

​Congratulations on your qualification to the BC Provincial Debating

Championship, the Law Foundation Cup. ​The DSABC is pleased to invite

you to attend this prestigious event.

Event Information:
Host School: Saint George's Schools
Address: 4175 W 29th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6S 1V1

Date: Friday, February 28th - Saturday, February 29th 2020

Please review the information below on registration stages, styles, and chaperone policy. ​

Registration and Fees (Non-refundable):

  • Registration will be open until Friday, February 14th at Midnight

    • All registration details and outstanding payments MUST be received by this date​

  • Registration Fee: $85/per student

Payments must be made online by the registration deadline. Any schools failing to make payment by this time will forfeit their position to the next participant on the waitlist.

Registration Links
Participants and Judges | Register Here | Pay Fees Here
This form is for DSABC members to register their teams and judges.

Extra Adults| Register Here |
This form is for any individual attending that is not listed on the participant registration form.
This may include: additional judges, spectating students/family & non-judging chaperones.

Volunteers | Register Here |
This form is for student volunteers (ie. moderators, timekeepers and general helpers).
This a great opportunity for young debaters to come and watch high-level debate!
It also makes the judge’s job much easier.

Accommodation & Transportation: 

  • Students from any DSABC school have the option of staying at the tournament hotel if they choose.

  • The closing banquet will also be held at this venue.

  • Century Plaza Hotel and Spa
    • Address: 1015 Burrard St. Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y5

  • A room block has been set aside for our group, and can be booked:

  • Transportation to and from Saint George’s School will be provided for hotel guests


Closing Banquet

  • The Law Foundation Cup concludes with the Grand Final Show Debate between the top two senior teams, followed by a closing banquet, and ultimately the awards ceremony

  • We are limited to 220 seats at this event - so space is limited

  • Schools are entitled to one chaperone in attendance at the banquet. If any available seats are available once all seats are allocated to competitors, we will issue remaining tickets for sale at a cost of $50

  • We cannot guarantee availability for seating at this event for any attendees beyond the 160 student participants and their one chaperone per school


Travel Allowance

  • The Law Foundation provides a grant that covers a portion of the travel costs incurred by members travelling from outside of the Lower Mainland

  • Regional coordinators will be informed of available funds for their region and will disseminate reimbursement cheques to coaches at the conclusion of the event.

  • Amount TBD once all accounts are settled


Judging Expectations:

  • All Lower Mainland schools must provide one judge per team.

  • Non-Lower Mainland schools may provide one judge per 2 teams rounded down

  • Grade 12 students may act as a judge for your registered novice teams

  • Judges must be fluent in English and comfortable with following fast-paced speeches using moderate to high-level vocabulary.

  • Delegations failing to provide appropriate judges may be subject to disqualification, prohibition from advancement to Nationals, or other appropriate sanctions.


Tournament Format:

  • Senior Debaters (Grades 10,11,12)

    • 2 rounds of unbracketed prepared debate in Cross-Examination Style 

    • 3 rounds of bracketed impromptu debate in Canadian National Debate Format

    • Impromptu Senior Final in CNDF for the top 2 teams

  • Junior Debaters (Grades 7,8,9,10)

    • 2 rounds of unbracketed prepared debate in Cross-Examination Style 

    • 3 rounds of bracketed impromptu debate in Canadian National Debate Format

  • Novice Debaters (Grades 7,8 only)

    • 2 rounds of unbracketed prepared debate in Cross-Examination Style

    • 3 rounds of bracketed impromptu debate in Cross-Examination Style


Prepared Rounds

  • Novice/Junior: BIRT plea bargains be banned

  • Senior: BIRT minority communities be allowed to set up their own court systems

  • Students will argue both sides of the prepared motion.

Impromptu Rounds

  • All impromptu rounds will have different topics with 30 minutes of preparation time.

  • Topics will be relevant to local or national politics, current events and policy discussions, and/or prevalent social or moral issues


Advancement and Qualification

  • Students must participate in the same teams and categories as in their regionals

  • There are no nationals for students who compete in the novice category

  • Teams of students in grade 7, 8, 9 who compete in the Junior category are eligible for qualification to the Junior Debate Nationals

  • Teams of students in grade 10, 11 or 12 who compete in the Senior category are eligible for qualification to the Senior Debate Nationals

  • The top 24 students in grade 10 and under from any category will be invited to the BC qualifiers for the  Canadian National Team Tryouts in December 2020


Chaperone Policy

  • Students are required to have a chaperone on-site at all times. 

  • A chaperone can be a coach, teacher sponsor or parent/guardian who is authorized by their child’s school and is willing to take on all chaperone related responsibilities

    • Including risk management, health, and tournament-related decisions. 

  • The chaperone can also act as a judge to satisfy a team’s judging requirement. 

  • Senior students are not considered chaperones. 

  • All adults acting as chaperones are expected to uphold the DSABC Code of Ethics.


Preliminary Tournament Schedule:
*Subject to change

Friday, February 28th

4:15pm                                 Buses depart from the hotel (guests only)

4:00pm-5:00pm                  Registration 

5:00pm                                Dinner

5:30pm-6:30pm                  Judge and debater briefings

6:30pm-7:30pm                  Round 1

7:30pm-8:30pm                  Round 2 

8:30pm                                 Buses depart for hotel


Saturday, February 29th
8:30am                                Buses depart from hotel (guests only)

8:30am-9:00am                 Registration and Light Snacks 

9:00am-10:00am               Judge and debater briefing

9:30am-10:00am               Preparation for Round 3

10:00am:11:00am             Round 3

11:00am-11:30pm            Preparation for Round 4

11:30pm-12:30pm            Round 4

12:30pm                             Lunch and DSABC General Meeting (all coaches invited)

2:00pm-2:30pm                Preparation for Round 5

2:30pm-3:45pm                Round 5

4:00pm                               Buses depart for hotel (guests only)

6:00pm-9:30pm                Grand Final/Closing Banquet/Award Ceremony

Tournament Contact:

Jack Bacon - DSABC President:

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