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Hosting a Debate Tournament

The DSABC now has a comprehensive guide available to assist you in the organization and running of your event!

Scripts and Briefings

Every debate tournament runs smoother with help from a dedicated team of moderators and timekeepers.

Moderating is a great opportunity for younger students to watch high-level debate in a low-pressure environment, plus it's a great way to get volunteer hours!

Use this guide to help your moderators get your classrooms debate ready, and help them control the flow of debate

This is the official DSABC Judges Briefing

You can use this google slideshow during your judge training session. It directly references the official DSABC judging ballots making it easy for your audience to follow along

We recommend saving a copy to your own Google Drive so that you can edit the information to reflect the style and format of your event

Get your copy HERE

Judging Ballots

The official DSABC debate ballot (Cross-EX and CNDF format)

Below, you will find the official DSABC ballots for the five Canadian public speaking categories:

Tabs Programs

Tabulation Program #1

The DSABC recommends ChuTabs for the running of CrossEX and CNDF Tournaments. This program will facilitate round pairings, judge allocations, bracketing, and final scores.
This service is hosted on the website of high school debate alum Stephen Mccarthy which allows for the tab to be accessed online from multiple computers simultaneously.


We now have an all-new comprehensive guide
to assist you in the operation of ChuTabs!

If you need any assistance with the program or would like more information about tabbing your tournament do not hesitate to contact a DSABC representative: Jack Bacon

Tabulation Program #2

The DSABC has also produced a tabulation spreadsheet for use in debate and public speaking events. This program can be used for score entry and data confirmation if you are uncomfortable or unable to use ChuTabs.

DSABC General Tabs Spreadsheet

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